Common Problems with Old Furnaces

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We know that many homeowners want to hang on to their heating and cooling systems as long as possible, in order to delay the cost of replacing a unit. But we want to educate homeowners on how beneficial it can be to replace a heating system before it has actually broken down. The cost of replacement is inevitable anyway, and the cost of ownership only continues to increase the longer you hold onto an old, worn down heater.

3 Issues We See in 10 Year-Old Furnaces

Heating systems that are ten years old or older tend to have a lot of wear and tear. Over the years, parts may become less effective, and a lot less efficient than when they were installed.

Eventually, any part will wear away, and replacing a furnace part by part is far more expensive than replacing it all at once. Besides, you pay more each month to run an old system with deteriorating parts. We think you should consider a replacement system if your furnace is ten years old and experiences the following issues:

  • Ignition system troubles: One of the best reasons to replace a furnace is because your older unit still uses a standing pilot, one that must remain lit throughout the winter. Today’s furnaces use electronic ignition instead, which saves a lot of energy. Any trouble with the ignition system should be checked out by a technician, but if the system experiences frequent issues with safety switches or remaining lit, you may consider replacement.
  • Failing motors: Failing motors are often expensive, and having mismatched parts within a furnace (some old and some new) can create difficulties for the system later on. Replacing the whole unit means a new, more efficient system with compatible components.
  • Low heat: If the furnace always struggles to reach the temperature on the thermostat, it could be that the furnace was not the proper size for your home in the first place and that it is using far more energy than is necessary.

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