What Can You Do to Maintain Your Heater?


You’ve had a busy winter, and now you’re realizing that you haven’t put a lot of time into maintaining your heating system. Is there anything you can do this late in the season to make sure it stays in good condition? Of course! It’s never too late to do what you can to see that your heating system operates safely and efficiently.

Change Your Filter

The easiest step to take on your own to maintain your heating system is to change your air filter this month and each month following. A dirty air filter can cause a number of problems for your heater. It blocks airflow into the system, which means it cannot heat your home very effectively. But it will still use a lot of energy to try and do so, and all of the extra work and wear and tear may be dangerous or bad for your furnace or heat pump.

Check Smoke and CO Detectors

This isn’t so much about maintaining your heater as it is maintaining your home, but it’s important if you want to stay safe from potential heating issues, especially if you skipped professional maintenance this year. Faulty heating systems are a major source of carbon monoxide leaks. If the heat exchanger were to crack, this toxic gas could seep into your living space. Make sure you have smoke detectors throughout the home and CO detectors on every floor, and test them regularly.

Call a Professional

A professional heating technician can determine if there are any problems with your heating system that you should have repaired, even if you haven’t noticed any obvious issues. Problems within the system won’t always be clear, so you should call a technician for an inspection even late in the season. It’s important to know that your heater is in good condition so that you and your family members stay safe and comfortable.

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